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I have a laptop that is connected to my home network over wireless connection. The laptop runs a bit torrent client which downloads to a mounted NAS filesystem . I would like the laptop the run the bit torrent client on startup but this of course requires mounting the remote filesystem first. I tried placing an entry in /etc/fstab but this obviously fails because when mount occurs the laptop is not yet associated with the wireless network.

I would like to know what is the best practice in this situation. I would also like to support situations in which the specific wireless network is not available - in that case the client should not be started at startup.

One last thing - my distribution is Gentoo so a solution that takes advantage of /etc/cond.d/net configuration options is possible.

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Dependencies in init scripts can be configured with the depend directive, as specified in this documentation page:

When an init script has a dependency, it doesn't run until that dependency is satisfied.

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