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Is it possible to remote into my home desktop when it's asleep? Is it possible to remotely wake it up?

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Yes, you want wake-on-lan. Many VNC client software include it, but it's a minor thing easy to find elsewhere (oddly ios vnc clients seem to be more likely to have it, also where there are really nice wol apps).

Here's an explanation for windows, it's even easier on mac (look in Energy Saver).

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Wake-on-LAN will be the key.

Lifehacker covered it well here:!348197/access-your-computer-anytime-and-save-energy-with-wake+on+lan

Read this thread too if you need more details.

gl, mjb.

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Go to your bios and enable the 'wake on lan' option (if you have the option , other wise there is not much you can do ),
Also you might need a 'wake on lan' tool to wake it up .

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