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I'm looking to run my own VoIP server so I can make and record calls and the like. I need to basically bind a phone number to the server and me able to call it and use it as a regular phone. I'm new to VoIP, telephony, and the SIP stack, but I have lots of experience with media servers as a developer. Where should I start?

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I think you can start with Asterisk as the PBX software and FreePBX to configure Asterisk using a web interface.

You'll also need a VOIP provider who will give you the ability to place VOIP calls (and receive). If you want, you can also plug in your PSTN line to receive/place calls using your normal number (but these won't be VOIP calls). For this you'll need a VOIP gateway like Linksys 3102. If you do both ways, you can receive PSTN calls and use the VOIP line (or lines) to place calls.

You'll also need a softphone to use on your computer or a SipPhone to use like a regular fone or an ATA router to plug your regular phones in it (obs: the Linksys 3102 above can work as the gateway (FXO) and the ATA (FXS)).

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Take a look at this guide:

Basically, you'll need some software (Asterisk is very popular) and a PSTN gateway to connect to the standard telephone system.

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