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Possible Duplicate:
Vertical line for the the right margin in Notepad++

Hi I am using Notepad++. In some IDE's like Netbeans, we can see a vertical line in the code editor to emphasis the recommended number of characters per line. Is there a plugin for notepad++ which helps with the same?

enter image description here

In the above image, you can see a thin vertical line in the editor.


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Go to Settings -> Preferences... -> Editing -> Show vertical edge. Set the "Number of Columns" value. This will show you a vertical line on screen. Select the text whose width you want to set. Than go to TextFX Edit >> ReWrap text to (Clipboard or 72) width This will set width to 72 by default. If you want set specific width than write that width or number(say 80) anywhere and copy it and remove it. Than again go to TextFX Edit >> ReWrap text to (Clipboard or 72) width This time it will set width of selected text to 80.

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