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I am trying to connect to yahoo chat on kubuntu through squid proxy. The proxy system is username/password based. I have tried different solutions like pidgin (has a proxy bug, kopete (i could not find proxy settings here at all) and gyachi (this looked promising, has a proxy option but does not allow to add username/password).

I have also tried using yahoo messenger using wine but that didnt work out since it is trying to get the proxy from IE.

I have run out of ideas now :). Has someone here tried the same thing? Any advice is welcome.

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This squid-cache wiki entry might help : Securing Instant Messengers - Yahoo! Messenger

Squid Configuration File to Include:

# Yahoo! Messenger
acl ym dstdomain
acl ym dstdomain
acl ym dstdomain
acl ym dstdomain

acl ymregex url_regex yupdater.yim ymsgr myspaceim

# Other protocols Yahoo!Messenger uses ??
acl ym dstdomain

http_access deny ym
http_access deny ymregex

The above script example disallows access. So use rather http_access allow.

This is also demonstrated in Can we use squid proxy for Yahoo Messenger.

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sorry, but i dont have access on the squid proxy configuration. anything which i can do on the messenger side? or is this because of the proxy blocking the port? if thats the case, then how does yahoo messenger work in windows? – pinaki Mar 30 '11 at 15:41
You mean Yahoo! Messenger works in Windows that is connecting to the same squid proxy ? – harrymc Mar 30 '11 at 16:20

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