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Possible Duplicate:
Simple Local Network Chat Program

I'm looking for a chat application to use in a small company LAN, we are looking for a software that offers secure (encrypted) text communication (voice and video are not a must, but is welcome as well) able to run in different platforms (mainly windows and mac) and free (or Open source)

I have been looking on the internet and I found some nice apps, but all of them fall in some features. For example this one looks very nice, but is only for windows.

This one looks nice too but is not free.

Do you know any suitable application that fits my needs?

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Jabber supports encryption and have many clients. It's in use in some universities for example and you should find OpenSources implementations.

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I don't think it does voice or video but it is secure Irc-like chat. Edit: correction. Yes it does.

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