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In these days, laptops are being sold with a recovery partition by default (so you don't need any CD's and drivers) - just F9 at Bootup and restore.

I have an Asus G73JH.

The recovery partition contains Win7 but has tons of ASUS shitty SW/tools on it, which I wanna get rid of. Is there any possibility how to remove just the Asus SW from the installation?


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Not that I can find searching, HP has improved their recovery manager, you can reinstall the OS without the added software, not sure if Asus allows you to do this or not.

As an alternative back up your non miscrosoft drivers using DoubleDriver to an external drive.

Then use one of these ISO files to create a W7 install disc. Be sure to pick the same version and bit level as came with your PC.

Install and then use your OEM key found on the COA sticker to get it installed and activated. Record this OEM key somewhere safe, as the COA sticker will become unreadable at some point.

Then install and use DD to restore your drivers.

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In my experience with Acers, the Windows key on the sticker doesn't match the installed key in a lot of cases. Good tip! – user3463 Mar 25 '11 at 16:52
Installed key from manufacturer is a Volume Licence Key (VLK), the one on the COA sticker is a single user OEM key which should work with OEM W7 install disc I posted. – Moab Mar 25 '11 at 17:42

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