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I have a Western Digital eSATA external HDD and have been trying to get it to work with a Medion laptop running Vista Home Premium. No luck whatsoever. Is it likely to be a Windows driver issue, or just an incompatibility with the laptop?

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eSATA works on Vista for the most part. The problem comes when you want to remove the device; the nForce Vista x86 driver (circa 2007) would bluescreen when you removed the drive. Not sure if this is still the case now. Microsoft SATA drivers support removal with a registry fix, KB950186 and also KB961078.

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I'm not aware of any reason why an eSATA drive wouldn't work with Vista.

You'd need to post some more details about the problem to get a more meaningful answer, though.

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Have you checked to see if the drive is showing up in the drive manager in administrator tools. It may simply be it's not formatted.

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It doesn't show up in drive manager. I know it is formatted because I can access it from another PC via USB. Interestingly I can't reliably access it via USB on the laptop either. – Anthony K Aug 20 '09 at 8:11
It might be worth having a look in device manager to check that there are no unknown devices. I'm just wondering if the esata port is on a different controller that hasn't got drivers. – Col Aug 20 '09 at 9:39

If the drive still fails to show up try this. Connect and disconnect it whilst Device Manager is open. See if there is any activity under hard disks or controllers.

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