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The "click" on my MacBook Pro has started having problems. I haven't been able to find a root cause on the problem yet. It doesn't work on either my magic trackpad or the internal trackpad.

I have OSX 10.6.7 on a Spring 2010 17" MBP.

I have booted in safe mode to rebuild the driver cache. Everything works ok when I restart. But the click stops working eventually.

I have booted in single user mode and ran applejack. Again everything works ok when I restart. But, eventually the click stops working.

Since each "fix" cleans the cache, I am thinking that it's some sort of caching problem, but what???

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What third-party human input device (HID) drivers do you have installed? I've seen problems like this when I was messing around with USB Overdrive. Try disabling — or better yet, uninstalling — any third-party drivers or other software that messes with HID settings, and see if the problem goes away.

Also, if you do a simple reboot, does the problem go away? Or are you sure you have to rebuild your kextcache to make it go away?

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1 the Calvin reference in the name. Very nice! I don't have and additional HID drivers installed last time I checked. I will go through with a finer tooth comb and see if I find anything. A simple reboot doesn't solve the problem. If the problem occurs I HAVE to either run safe mode/restart or run applejack in single-user mode. – Steve Daly Mar 26 '11 at 15:20

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