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By default, in Windows, when you right-click a window title bar and select "move", it will allow you to move the window using the arrow keys. The thing is, Windows are moved several pixels each time you press an arrow key.

So, can this be set to move the window 1 pixel each time?

Also, are there any 3rd party programs that will allow me to do this?

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Hold down the Ctrl key while pressing the arrows for single-pixel control. You can press and release during the move (or resize) as needed to switch between jumping and single pixel.

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Awesome, I can't believe this feature was already there. Thanks – DanC Mar 25 '11 at 18:20
It actually goes back at least to Windows 2.0. I think the jump size is still 10 pixels, too. – geekosaur Mar 25 '11 at 18:23

Thanks a lot, great answer, though more specifically, for English language Windows 7 shell layout on Window's windows that are NOT "Maximized"/"in full screen mode": ALT+SPACE->M->CTRL+ARROW KEYS->ENTER

Example: to move a window some pixels to the right: Press ALT and SPACE together. Press M. Press CTRL and the number of pixels you want to move. Press ENTER to lock the window.

Tip: press ESC instead of ENTER if you want to reset the window you're moving.

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