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I use two types of VPN services to surf anonymously, the tow types are

  1. VPN service that require pre-install software
  2. VPN service that uses Windows 7 built in service

When I use the last type, after connecting with vpn server, almost there is a blue screen error happened with code 0x0000007f.

But when I use the first type there is no such error.

So what is the problem with Windows 7 built in vpn service?

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do you see any minidump files created in c:\windows\minidump ? windows typically will create dump files that describe what caused the crash/BSODs. if you have them dump files, you can use WhoCrashed to analyze the dump. on the first run it will prompt to download MS Debugging tools. screenshots and guide available here.

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the problem was in epwf.sys file ,that is eset smart security driver,i uninstall the old AV then i install the new version of the same AV. Now the problem has gone.

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