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I have a scheduled task that shuts down a Windows XP computer at 6:00pm every day using the following command:

shutdown.exe /s /t 600 /c "Windows will shutdown in 10 minutes. To cancel shutdown, click Start and type 'shutdown /a'."

The command works as expected except when the user has locked the workstation with Ctrl+Alt+Del.

Is there a way to shutdown a computer even when the user has locked it?

UPDATE: The documentation for the /f parameter reads:

Force running applications to close without forewarning users. The /f parameter is implied when a value greater than 0 is specified for the /t parameter.

From that, I assume that it is set already.

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Isn't there a /f flag that forces it to shutdown?

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Turns out the /f is implied is BS. I added that and it works. – sirlancelot Mar 25 '11 at 23:38
Good discovery. I did not know that. – LawrenceC Mar 25 '11 at 23:41

You can indeed use the /f flag to force shutdown. But what I like better, is psshutdown ( ).

Psshutdown can be used locally AND remote. I personally use the remote shutdown to reboot and apply updates at scheduled times. Shutdown.exe allows you to show a message, but psshutdown has an option to even show a "abort shutdown" button. Which is way more userfriendly.

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