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I need to know how to change "memory priority" of a process. I need a utility that changes the memory priority of the process. Certain ram intensive programs can still make my important programs freeze up by sending them to the page file. I need to stop this, and I need to be able to select the EXACT priority of any program. Additionally I am using windows vista.

For reference, I googled, found nothing. Please note that this is not "process priority" or cpu priority. Anyone know of a free tool which does this?

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As far as I know there is no way to make sure a process stays in memory on Windows. There is a Win32 API called VirtualAlloc() that will allocate memory in such a way that the memory manager won't try to push it to disk. This have to be coded into the application and can not be set by any program as far as I know. You will probably have much better results by increasing the amount of ram in your computer.

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