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I am looking for documentation on color. I need to know the hex values for a list of common named colors, and what hue they belong to. I would also like to know what the cutoff points are (in hex) between different hues. For example At which point does a light blue become just blue? Now I know technically each color has exactly one value, but I am looking for ranges of approximate color.

Also, please note I am colorblind. So when I look at a page that says the color is 'Myrtle' I have no idea if that color is red, brown, orange, or green.

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W3Schools has the most comprehensive list of hex color values and associated names that I have found, but I don't think the names are 'official'.

For your use, it's probably better sorted by hex value here.

Each color has a link to a page that defines the shade values too.

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I don't know how definitive this information from Microsoft is, but I found these two pages very useful.

Color Table
Dynamic Color Reference

The first reference includes links in the left sidebar to other tables of colors sorted by hue, lightness and saturation.

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One of the sites that has helped me a lot with colors is Maybe it can help. I will try to find more sites and update here.

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