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I have a 21" Apple iMac with Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari installed.

The past two days, I can't access the internet in Safari at all, but still can in Firefox or Chrome. I also can't update Safari as well...

What can I do to fix this? What's wrong?

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What error message (if any) is displayed? And why can't you update Safari? – jtbandes Mar 26 '11 at 7:55

See if you can load from Safari. That's an IP address for If it works, but doesn't work, then you have a DNS problem that's only affecting Safari.

Try doing:

sudo killall -9 mDNSResponder

This will cause one of Mac OS X's DNS resolver systems to be restarted, and could clear up the problem. There is more than one DNS resolver in Mac OS X, and Firefox and Chrome may not be using mDNSResolver.

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Found myself in a similar situation where I didn't have access via Safari on iMac, but Firefox and IE on the PC did.

I used the "Reset Safari" command from the Safari menu next to the Apple menu and the internet access seems to be back through Safari.

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