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i'm using putty to setup a socks proxy on my computer.

i firefox i configure the socks proxy so that i can surf.

but i have to do this for every programm i want to surf the internet.

now, i would like to forward all traffic on windows to my local Socks Proxy. is there something, that could do this job?

see you

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I am using Chrome, and an extension called Switchy! can do the job.

It achieve this by setting some script for the global proxy setting of the system.

I hope this information may help you.

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If you want any program to work through socks proxy, you need software like

  • FreeCap
  • WideCap
  • SocksCap
  • ProxyCap
  • Proxifier
  • or even Fiddler.

    It's possible to forward all traffic or from specified applications, some programs allow building of complex rules.

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