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Similar to how HP or ACER will create a partition on the hard drive which you can boot from using F10 or something similar if your computer crashes. What do I have to do to my windows 7 installation CD to make this partition act exactly as the CD does. I want there to be some way so that when I click F10, the recovery partition will start up and act as if I just put in the Windows 7 installation CD, but if I don't activate the partition, it will act as if it is not there. Do I need to download some sort of software to accomplish this, or would it be at all possible to just copy the files directly from the CD to the D:\ drive?

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See… – Moab Mar 27 '11 at 16:14
Also this… – Moab Mar 27 '11 at 16:34
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You can use Rollback RX it is similar but much better than the HP, Acer restore systems in many ways.

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If you copy the files to the partition and set it as bootable, it should work. I think an even better solution: make the partition, then take the 30 minutes to install windows 7 from the CD to that partition. Then if you're forced to recover, you can skip that chore and go straight to windows.

As for setting the partition to an F key, I think that's written into the bios and cannot be changed/added/removed.

I did see this longwinded post that implies you can restore a norton ghost image using a built in key like F10. But it's old, not sure if this would still work. An image is ideal, you can restore without reinstalling anything.

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"As for setting the partition to an F key, I think that's written into the bios and cannot be changed/added/removed.".... Its part of the master boot record, not the bios in most cases, UEFI bios does play a part if it is configured to, mostly relies on the MBR. – Moab Mar 27 '11 at 16:08

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