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I need to open a couple of .cdr files on my Mac. I've tried changing the file extension to .iso in order to open it with the Disk Utility app, but it didn't work!

Any ideas how I can open them?

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A .cdr is a DVD/CD master likely created by Disk Utility. You'll need to keep the extension as .cdr. You can mount the file by simply double clicking on it. You can also drag the file into disk utility and either mount or reburn from there.

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CDR is a CorelDRAW file extension, right?

If so, looks like you'll need either Adobe Illustrator or InkScape.

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.cdr is a disk utility cd format, as well as a corel draw file. So I'd suggest you'd try to distinguish which type of cdr it is by looking at the file size. more than 400MB is usually very very large to be a corel draw artwork, so it's probably a disk.

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