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I remember that I was able to make Excel highlight cells containing formulas with a different color, making easier to distinguish between calculated cells and cells where I manually entered data.

I recently switched to Mac and now I'm not able to find the same option on Excel 2011.

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There are several different methods of highlighting cells with formulas.

If you are using Excel 2007, follow these steps instead:

Press Ctrl+F3. Excel displays the Name Manager dialog box. Click New. Excel displays the New Name dialog box. In the Name field (at the top of the dialog box), enter a name such as FormulaInCell. In the Refers To field (at the bottom of the dialog box), enter the following:


Click OK. The New Name dialog box disappears, the Name Manager dialog box reappears, and the name you defined is listed in the dialog box. Click Close.

Now you can follow the techniques previously outlined for setting up the conditional formatting. The only difference is that the conditional format should check for the following formula, instead:


This works in Excel 2010 as well (file must be saved as .xlsm) and I think it should work on Mac as it has same conditional formatting capabilities and macro support.

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