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Is there a way to "save" a layout of terminals on Ubuntu? Let's say I have 4 Terminals on a workspace that I'd like to save/restore at will, how could I do this?


  • create gnome-terminal desktop entry
  • edit the preferences and under "Title and Command" be sure to set "Keep initial title" for "When terminal commands set their own titles"
  • use wmctrl (available on universe repo) to control window

Using the above procedure, one can create as many desktop profiles for gnome terminals and control them by "title" using wmtrl -R $title_here.

The profiles are kept under ~/.gconf/apps/gnome-terminal/profiles.

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This question may lead you to the answer you are looking for: Save multiple gnome-terminal layout ?

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you led me to the answer I was looking for, piece wise :) – jldupont Mar 28 '11 at 0:53

Copying my answer from since it appears you are facing the same issue:

i use a 2-step approach with my xfce-terminal. first i open the windows

xfce4-terminal --hide-menubar --hide-borders --hide-toolbars -e htop -T hTop

and then move them with wmctrl

wmctrl -r 'hTop' -t 3 wmctrl -r 'hTop' -e 0,927,33,1000,550
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you should then link to the post in a comment. just saying. – jldupont Mar 28 '11 at 0:22
tried this stuff, maybe I am doing something wrong but isn't what I am after. thanks anyways. – jldupont Mar 28 '11 at 0:31

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