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i like the selective sync function on dropbox and i've got it working for dropbox 1.0 on my Mac and PC but i can't get it going for Linux. All the versions for Linux are version 0.6 without all the current features, and with a few bugs as well. But i swear i got selective sync working on linux a few months ago (before i lost the machine it was on), so they must have had a more recent linux version a while ago. Are the files on the website wrong or something?

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Just do these following steps:

  • Shutdown your dropbox with GUI or CLI

$ dropbox stop (if CLI)

  • Run package update for nautilus-dropbox

$ sudo apt-get update

$ sudo apt-get upgrade nautilus-dropbx

  • Start your dropbox again

$ dropbox start

Now enjoy the new Dropbox features.

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