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One day out of the blue Windows 7 began acting buggy on my machine so I attempted to reboot, never to be able to boot up again. In an effort to avoid wasting my time I replaced the drive with a new one and stored my old drive away.

Now I am attempting to recover the files, as I found out at the time of the (begin air quotes) failure (end air quotes) all my files were completely fine. They were somehow lost on the drive for no apparent reason. Using some file undelete software I was able to see my files.

Unfortunately the directory tree is lost, which is a problem for me.

Is there any way to repair the file index or something?

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As a first step, have you tried doing a chkdsk /f from a Command Prompt on the affected drive?

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yes, but it finds no problems, some of the directory structure is there, i should have noted. Most is missing especially in my user directory – John Mar 28 '11 at 5:35

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