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What is the maximum read rate of the hard disks used in latest servers. I need this to estimate the running time of my application.

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depends heavily on distribution of reads and size of reads. Also what metric do you want to know? iops, mb/s, latency? Maybe you should just check a couple of benchmarks:… – Eelke Mar 28 '11 at 9:03

There are many things that determine the speed of hard drive access and each is specific to the server and its configuration.

  • Modern SATA hard drives have a transfer limit of 6Gb/s
  • Some RAID arrangements can increase throughput, some can reduce throughput.
  • Hardware vs Software RAID can have a bearing on the speed, with Software RAID often being slower than Hardware.
  • The operating system in use on the server, and how it deals with caching and buffering have a massive influence on the overall speed of the hard disk access.

So we can't say really - you'd have to run some tests to see what kind of throughout you're getting on your specific server.

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