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How to control loading of images individually like in Opera or in Firefox+ImgLikeOpera?

When I set "Don't load images" in options I don't see clear stubs to Ctrl+RightClick at them and allow this image this time to be loaded.

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Sorry but the only ways for this to happen would be to have someone convert the firefox add-on into a chrome extension or to have someone make a chrome extension that does this from scratch. So you should ask the creator of the add-on to make a chrome version or ask someone who knows how to make extensions for chrome to do it.

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There's a Chrome extension called Decreased Productivity that has a button in the address bar you click to hide all images. AFAIK you cannot selectively enable an image but the extension works really well and gives a clean, readable page.

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The main reason was not to hide images, but save traffic by downloading only really required images. – Vi. Jan 29 '15 at 15:22

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