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I'm looking for a list, 0-255, which tells the country by the first byte of an IP address. for example here 81 is a country code which I need to know.

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There is no such list. IP addresses are not allocated necessarily by country, but by ISP (and may be used internationally) - even so the /8 netblocks are continental.

There are some that maintain lists for each numbers authority, however, and it may be helpful to you. A list is available here:

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Can't be done -- /8 netblocks are allocated by IANA at the level of continents, not countries. is allocated to RIPE, so it covers Europe. There's a list here.

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IANA holds a list of IP blocks and which registry they are allocated to:

From there you can check each registry for a list of IP blocks within their ranges and which countries (and sometimes even ISPs) they are delegated to.

For example, the APNIC registry (Asia & Pacific) has this list:

It may take a little googling to find the list for each registry.

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