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I have a usb headset that, when installed, configured both the headphones and microphone. Because I wanted to continue using my 'line-out' connection for speakers i clicked the 'disable this device' for the headset's speakers. That worked but now I can't find how to re-enable those headphones.


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It might be helpful to know where you clicked this "disable the device" button, if you can remember. I'm pretty sure there's a few different places this can be done. –  Iszi Mar 29 '11 at 13:11
Originally had clicked the icon that shows at the top of the Notificaiton's volume scale (L-Click). I've followed M'vy's solution and have re-enabled the headset but find that i can not reproduce that original click. –  justSteve Mar 30 '11 at 16:47

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R-Click Show deactivated devices

On the device R-Click Activate

EDIT: BTW it is in the playback devices menu from the sound icon in notification bar.

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I've tried several options, and what seemed to have worked was: Device manager [R+click] {Sound Blaster Tactic...etc. - my USB device} [L+click] {Scan for hardware changes} Then I quickly disconnected from USB and plugged into a different slot, hoping I could re-introduce the parties to each other, fresh start y'know.

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