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While using the Chrome dev tools, I noticed this error thrown by a Chrome extension:

Being Called
chrome-extension://pgphcomnlaojlmmcjmiddhdapjpbgeoc/mailto.js:55Got message from bg page -
chrome-extension://pgphcomnlaojlmmcjmiddhdapjpbgeoc/mailto.js:24Starting to rewrite mailtos

It looks like it's trying to use my gmail account to send out emails without notifying me - is that possible?

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it looks like that's the chrome extension for using gmail when you click on mailto links. It's over my head but I googled those lines and found the same errors at the bottom of this page:… ...possibly some malware is using your email? – CreeDorofl Mar 30 '11 at 0:31
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Try configuring and/or outright disabling the Send from Gmail extension. You can also ask the author at its page.

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Open your Chrome browser, type chrome://extensions into your address bar and hit Enter. Disable the option "Send from GMail".

I got the same error as you when I was debugging my own AngularJS application via JetBrains WebStorm I wonder if it isn't using the GMail extension to report usage statistics, which I agreed to when I installed the app.

You might have a similar scenario.

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