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My computer is a Hewlett-Packard Vista with a Firefox browser. I have been setting up with a company to work from home and when I was supposed to connect with my telephone system the page loaded a couple of times and now it won't load.

The company said that maybe I need to download the latest adobe flash player. I have tried to do that several times and it doesn't want to load either; says I have one downloaded so I uninstalled the older programs and it still won't work. Other sites load just fine.

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Welcome to Super User! There is a bit of a lack of details for us to help you further, can you include the following information: By telephone system, do you mean you are using a dial-up connection at home? What of the page doesn't load and what (error) do you see? Does a Flash Test says it is successfully installed? Have you tried a different browser? – Tom Wijsman Mar 30 '11 at 0:46

I've been running into similar problems. Preliminary debugging indicated that Adobe was/is requesting overlapping chunks like (1-1,4012-4230,4016-4400...) when running in a tab. Things I have done which seem to work are:

  • In Firefox, open Tools->Options->Applications. Change the application for Adobe Acrobat Document to Use Adobe Reader 9.4 (default).
  • In Adobe, open Edit->Preferences->Internet. Uncheck Allow fast web view.

Either of these seem to work. My wife prefers the first fix which open Adobe outside the browser. The second works when opening documents in the browser. I run through the Firefox and Adobe debugging pages, although I didn't edit the Registry. Both of them slow the initial document display down, as more of the document needs to be read.

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