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I need to format a paper with 2.0 spacing in the paragraphs, but 1.5 line spacing between paragraphs. How do I make this change without changing the spacing in the paragraphs?

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Looks like Microsoft took the mainstream view that this would look silly and didn't implement it...

All I can think of to do what you ask for is this, and you shouldn't take it seriously if you have more than one page of text.

  • Set Spacing After Paragraph to half your line height (i.e. 6pt for 12pt text) to get the spacing between paragraphs
  • leave "Line Spacing" on "Single"
  • add manual line breaks (not paragraph breaks) using Shift-Enter at the end of each line of text inside your paragraphs.

Of course this solution defeats the point of a word processing software and throws you back into the days of typewriters with manual line breaking...

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