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i have a basic home network setup of modem plugged into basic dhcp router that will allow port forwarding. I want to route to maybe port 80 or 8080 if possible, so that an ubuntu-server-virtualbox web-server is accessible to the WAN.
Does this pose any risk to the host machine?
Is this possible with a host-only adapter (through host files)?
And if i must change it to NAT, do i need to change the host file on both machines? Could i get an example if the host looks like ( to the rest of LAN), the virtual-machine has

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Host Only will work with a bit of tweaking if you know how to set up routing.

The easiest would be to use Bridged Mode - the network sees the virtual machine as just another machine on the network - by far the simplest method.

And no, it poses no risk to the host machine.

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