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What is the best way to enable the use of triple monitors?

This card to be precise, the MSI MSIN550GTX-1GCY

It has 2 DVI outputs, and 1 HDMI, and my monitors have HDMI input.

Will I be able to plug in 3 monitors in there? (and have an extended desktop)

Or will the HDMI output only work as a "mirror", or something like that?

Also, is HDMI crisp clear? (As clear as DVI)
Or should I expect a blurry image?

Thank you!

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Please see Wikipedia for differences between HDMI and DVI. For 90% of consumer use cases they will be identical. –  Scott Chamberlain Nov 23 '12 at 17:53

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The 550Ti only has dual monitor support, You can either use the 2 DVI connectors or One DVI and One HDMI.

And for the HDMI quality: It depents on your monitor and the resolution you want to use

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