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I worked over 80 hours on a school project, the last step was animating in AE, but because of a small problem everything looks jagged.

I have around 6000 PDF's, and the solution would be to make the artboard size around 6 times bigger. However, Illustator's actions don't include artboard changes.

I found this script from hyperslug:

How do I create an export batch script in Illustrator CS4?

Is it possible to accomplish this?

(I have access to CS4 and CS5)

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I wanted this too, and found a JavaScript by Carlos Canto (posted 5/4/11) on Adobe's forum:

If you can't create a script from the post, let me know. I've saved Carlos' code as a script, and made a duplicate script which does not ask for padding; it simply snaps the new artboard to the content.

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This worked for me:

An Illustrator script to help you in the mobile world

I created this Adobe Illustrator Script to help me export PNGs from layers for different densities (iOS Retina Display, Android Devices, etc).

The script asks for 3 values in sequence:

The folder where you want to save the files.

The scale factor 1 = 100% = 160dpi = mdpi, 2 = 200% = 320dpi = retina display (these values are only valid if you designed for 160dpi aka mdpi).

A suffix if you want to use one, e.g., @2x for retina display in iOS. You can also leave it empty if you don’t want a suffix or if you are exporting to android or iOS non-retina. Locked layers visibility will be ignored and also they will not be exported.

For example, this can be used to keep global layers visibility or guide layers from being exported.

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