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I have a Mac, running OSX as my host OS. I have a Boot Camp partition, which contains a WUBI install of Ubuntu.

Is there some way that I can run the WUBI install of Ubuntu through VMware fusion, so that I don't have to boot into Boot Camp? I can see the 17GB root.disk and 200MB swap.disk files, is there some way of getting VMware to mount them and boot from them?

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do you specifically have to use WUBI? (coz i dont think that would be possible) or just that you want to run ubuntu in VMware – rzlines Apr 2 '11 at 16:00

I don't think so. AFAIK, WUBI basically builds a partition inside the host. I thought WUBI was Windows only...

Anyway, if you have a regular install of ubuntu (it has it's own partition), then this shouldn't be a problem. What you're trying to do is use a raw disk partition. You'll have to hack it a little though. Here are a couple links about that:

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