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Every few minutes my monitor will go black for about 2 seconds. I can't find a pattern regarding what is on the screen, though it seems to happen more often in video games.

How can I tell if the video card is faulty or the monitor itself is faulty? Or possibly a third variable?

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The best way is to borrow another monitor and test it out. If that fixes the issue than you know it was the monitor otherwise a video card is a possibility. Some other things to check:

  • The monitor cable. Maybe a short somewhere.
  • Is the computer staying cool enough? (Are vents possibly blocked?)
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the first thing- update your video drivers.if the problem is only with in the games then check your graphics card and system temp with gpu-z and cpu-z softwares.

if the problem is not with system temp then this could be a software conflict also. i think this is not a monitor problem you can check your monitor on a different system.

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