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I want to add extension to my PHP.

I've already put it in the extension_dir and the line "" is in my php.ini. I restarted apache but I can't find the extension in phpinfo();

Historically, there are NO other extensions for PHP. It was a rule in my company but I have to change that.

Is there something in the httpd.conf or in php.ini that I have to change? Or a setting to be done?

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Does anything obvious pop out in apache's error.log?

The comments at the page on mssql seem to indicate a dependency on unixODBC; do you have that package loaded? Or, if you're in Win32, the latest MDAC.

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Thanks for your answer! Yes, I can see the line: "PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function mssql_connect()", I could guess that there would be such an output... unixODBC isn't loaded, the tutorial I followed doesn't mention it (…)... I have to check why the extension is not loaded... – blind Apr 4 '11 at 11:36

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