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I need a little help converting a short script from .bat to .sh

@IF %1 == "" GOTO end
imf_copy -p %1 ""
@GOTO convertfile
@ECHO Done!

imf_copy is a Maya Plugin. Basically its function is to convert .tiff files into .map files. A .map file basically works in conjunction with Maya's mental ray to create an image map which will only load the images that are within the active camera's view.

I found it for PC but can't find its Mac OS X counterpart.

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Something like


# run imf_copy <file> <file with extension changed to .map>
# for every file passed on the command line
for arg in "$@"; do
    imf_copy -p "$arg" "${arg%.*}.map"

echo ''
echo 'Done!'

# consider removing this

This is a literal translation.

You probably don't really want the read line, which was probably only there so that if the DOS batch script started a new window, the window would stay open until the user pressed Enter.

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