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I followed the directions here and the colors are correctly showing, however the background is still white, what else do I need to do?

Note: I did a sudo nano ./bash_profile instead of .bashrc

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First of all, do not, do not use sudo unless you absolutely have to. Editing your ~/.bash_profile does not require super user permissions. – Wuffers Apr 1 '11 at 21:26
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From the terminal click the Shell menu, then click the Show Inspector menu item. Alternatively, you can press Command-I. In the inspector, click the Settings button, then select a dark setting such as "Pro".

If you want to customize each the settings (font face, font size, background color, ...) then press Command-, for the preferences, then click the Settings at the top. You can now customize existing settings, or you can add your own.

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You need to change the settings in Terminal itself, rather than in your login or bash startup scripts. I forget exactly where it is, but if you look for Preferences in the menus for Terminal and look for Colors - I think it's in a small window as a dropdown selector - then you can change all the colors, including the default background color.

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