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I'm looking for a mailing list management system. Currently I only have one mailing list with fewer than 1,000 subscribers and fewer than 100 mails/day, so the performance doesn't matter much (at least for now).

I currently use Google Groups; however, administration tasks of a Google group depend heavily on its web portal, so it's quite inconvenient when I use cellphone or public computer or anything except my own computer.

I'm planning to build my own mailing list on my own server. I wish to find a mailing list management system with a mail-based administration system. For instance, let be the address of the mailing list. I wish I would be able to send something "query subscribers" to obtain a list of subscribers.

Is there any? Or can I achieve this with GNU mailman?

Update: It's not an announcement-only mailing list. It's a discussion mailing list.

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Take a look at Majordomo:

Unless something has changed recently, it's been the standard in mailing list software for almost 20 years.

Edit: It seems that Majordomo is a bit behind in updates, and doesn't play nice with Perl 5. You should probably go with your noted option to look at Mailman instead:

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Yeah, I know mailman. I wish to setup a mailing list with a mail-based admin system, which I particularly need :) – xiaq Apr 2 '11 at 4:46
In wikipedia page for Majordomo I found "Majordomo 2" which aims to rewrite Majordomo while keeping the e-mail interface. I will take a look at it soon. – xiaq Apr 2 '11 at 4:48
Mailman's mail-based functions are listed here: -- for example sending "who (password)" to "" will return a list of subscribers, or am I misunderstanding your need? – Hyppy Apr 2 '11 at 17:07

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