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We have first server with SVN, this SVN has configured hooks to be able to call second server (with Hudson) and do build of the app on the second server.

This is functionall and running fine... but when developing the app we need to test it before pushing it to all users (= we need third server with Hudson).

Of course there's no troubles with running the same architecture on the third server as on the first one.

Anyway we'd need "whatever", which would be able to simply push some commit on the devel server to the production server.

Is there anything, which would solve this problem? Some plugin to Hudson? Whatever...

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As an FYI, I would post this question on – Peter Schuetze Apr 6 '11 at 13:22
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What does deployment mean for that app (e.g. copying files, stopping and starting services, ...)?

Starting points:

Disclaimer: I am usually hesitant in using the same Hudson/Jenkins for dev and prod deployments. Be sure to set the permissions correct so not everybody can start the prod deployment.

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