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I recently installed ubuntu 10.04 in a new notebook and I had to add the Ralink 3090 v2.3.13 driver because wifi didn't work. The problem is I lose the driver every time the kernel updates, I know this happens sometimes but it's kind of annoying having to install it every time. Is there a way to prevent this for happening?


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You can use DKMS to automatically rebuild the driver every time you update the kernel. To do this you'll have to install the source package, create a DKMS config file for it, and set it up.

There's an example of how to do it on CentOS here. That uses the 'cifs' module, so you'll need to replace that with whatever your driver is.

For Ubuntu, the instructions should be pretty much the same - just install dkms, 'build-essential' and your kernel sources first. Also, if you don't have a root account, don't forget to prepend each command with 'sudo'.

There's also a LinuxJournal article with a lot of information on DKMS here:

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I actually don't know if this will work, but you could try installing Dynamic Kernel Module Support.

aptitude install dkms
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