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I've lost my URLs in Speed Dial.

However I have found what appears to be a backup file (extension .speedial). How can I restore my URLs from this file?

Where does Speed Dial store its user bookmarks?

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  • In Firefox click on Tools and then on Add-ons.
  • When the Add-ons dialog opens up find Speed Dial and click on Options.
  • In the Options dialog click on Settings and then in the drop-down click on Export Settings.
  • A file dialog will come up and you can determine where to save the settings.
  • You can copy this file to another computer or send it by email to yourself.
  • In the new copy of Firefox with Speed Dial just repeat the process.
  • Click Tools, then Add-ons, the click on Speed Dial, then click on Options.
  • Then click on Settings, select Import Settings and select the file you exported.
  • Your new copy of Speed Dial will match the original exactly!
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I edited your answer, please use the WYSIWYG box to check how the text in the editor looks like next time. – Baarn Aug 28 '12 at 20:02

You can use DialGrid where speed dials are stored online and are accessible with any browser. There is no need to back them up. All speed dial bookmarks are stored on the server.

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please disclose your affiliation – Sathya Jul 24 '12 at 17:11

You can restore backup files by going to the following:

Speed Dial options > Parameters > Restore/Backup

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