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How can i map a drive letter to virtual box vm in windows? So for instance, i want a folder /home/user in my virtual machine to be mapped to the x: drive in windows? The vm is connected via host only networking.

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You could set a folder in your host as the sharing folder and then 'mount' it in the guest os. – n0pe Apr 3 '11 at 18:08

Why not use good old network sharing, just as between two real machines?

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Samba is the way to go. You are using a linux and you want to map /home/x_user on a windows z: drive :

On virtual linux system, create a user called 'x_user' and execute :

# smbpasswd -a x_user

# service smb restart

On Windows 7 map the drive using the usual \\ip_of_linux_box method

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