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In previous versions of firefox when you opened a new tab it would load your homepage in that tab if you had "open homepage" set in your options. In firefox 4 it only seems to open the homepage when the browser is first started, when a new tab is opened it just shows a blank screen.

Is there anyway to make firefox 4 open your homepage when a new tab is opened?

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I think the add-on is the only way. – Vervious Apr 11 '11 at 4:32

There is an extension that allows this. Chrome allows this out of the box... I'm surprised that Firefox does not. Did you check in the options? They may have moved it...

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This behavior is apparently by design: there are at least two bugs filed about how new tabs (and windows) work that have been filed WON'T FIX.

However, there are two bits of good news for you. One is that there is a similar feature in the works. Hopefully one of the options they will present is the ability to open your home page.

The other is that there is a workaround that does not involve installing add-ons: you can open a new tab (or tabs) to your home page(s) by ctrl-clicking or middle-clicking the Home icon.

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