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I am trying to write a script which will essentially copy and file in a certain folder to a folder on another computer. My first thought was SCP, but I don't know if I can automate SCP by adding a password to the command(from what I have heard this is not possible, or very difficult).

So basically I am trying set up a folder on a mac or linux box which will accept files without prompting for a password (or it can get a password which I can send through a script).

I am sure there is an easy way to do this right?

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You can use scp/rsync etc with keyfiles so they don't prompt for a password (this is the better way of using them)

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Your first thought was correct. If you set up the ssh keys on the various machines, you can scp (and ssh) with no password needed at all.

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You can use scp with ssh key authentication, or you could setup rsync and limit access by IP.

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