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Photoshop first: I have 2 new odd bugs, I'm trying to sort them out without rebooting or deleting my preferences file.

  1. When I click any tool from the toolbar on the left, it expands to show all the options (the 'flyout') rather than just selecting the tool normally.

  2. When I ctrl+S to save a document that I've already been working on, even though everything's flattened etc... instead of doing a quiet background save, it presents me with the save dialogue. Note I'm not doing ctrl+shift+S for save as, or working on a brand new untitled document. Anything I open and then save pops up the dialogue and I must choose a folder, confirm overwrite every time. Some preference or stuck key?


  1. In photoshop, and older illustrator versions, you could see full transform tools at the top... width, height, X, Y position, angle, and the little transform box. In illustrator, I now have to make one more click (onto the word transform, at the top) to accomplish this. I can't drag the transform palette up there as a top "bar". It sounds minor but it really bugs me. Is there a way to get it back up there?

  2. Is there a way to limit how many decimal places the alignment tools use? I.e. right now I'm on pixels, and I don't mind having this much accuracy: x = 268 px, y = 143 px. But I really don't want this much accuracy, it's tedious: x = 268.481 px, y = 143.976 px I'd like my dragged points and handles to snap to the nearest pixel, no more or less.

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Ok, photoshop was pretty easy - It's a random bug where photoshop gets confused about single vs. double click, or maybe left click with right click. To fix, quit PS, open mouse settings, put double click and tracking speed all the way down. Re-enter photoshop. Single left click should now select the tool without popping open the flyout. The other problem appears to have resolved itself.

Illustrator: Still can't get transform tools at the top. And there's no option to limit decimal places. But one can turn on the grid, define a grid unit as 1 pixel (without literally drawing a gridline every pixel), and then set illy to snap to the grid. Stuff still migrates off the pixel line occasionally but most of your clicks will align to it.

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Illustrator: You can get the transform tools to appear in the tool bar by reducing the amount of tools you have selected to show in the tool bar. Go to the drop down menu at the far right of the tool bar and click off the tools you don't need.

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