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I've got a firefox keyword ("alpha") to search Wolfram|Alpha, but if I type something like "alpha 1+1" then Wolfram|Alpha will search for "1 1"; the plus sign gets eaten en route

Luckily for me this problem was found and solve by this guy. Sadly his solution opens the search in the current tab, is there a way I can alter the Javascript to open in a new tab instead?

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Surrounding with void() opens in a new tab without changing the current window's content.

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After playing around with the javascript for a bit I have decided that the answer is "no".

While you can get it to open WA in a new tab with""+encodeURIComponent("%s"));

it replaces the current window's content with [Object Window] which is just plain annoying.

Your best bet may be to install the Open Bookmarks In New Tab add-on for firefox.

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That's the same answer I came to. Ah, well. If no-one has a better answer I'll accept yours. Thanks for the link too! – Oscar Cunningham Apr 4 '11 at 14:59

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