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I have Ubuntu 10.04. I would like to run at command line the gui application that I use for finding network places and navigate shared folders or network driver. I mean the one located under menu PLACES->NETWORK. I tried using "nautilus" but you need to know in advance which IP to give and this is not the case. Is there this command line or should I really launch from the menu panel?

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Samba. You'll need to learn how to use it, but once you master it, it is really handy. Here is a brief tutorial. You can specify where a network share is mounted on your filesystem, options like username to use for mounting, etc. You can even make shell scripts to mount shares that you use often.

I think you can even set up fstab to mount these network shares on boot, but I can't remember how to.


Here is a link on how to connect to a windows share permanently. I think linux shares are pretty similar.

Here is another link for regular Samba shares.

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