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The raid card in question has only 2 sata ports on the card. I'd like to connect 5 drives to this, and I was wondering how I could achieve that.

The highpoint website states that up to 10 drives can be connected to the card, and hence I assume that up to 5 can be connected to each port on the card.


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For that you want a SATA Port Multiplier. This allows you to connect multiple SATA devices to a single SATA socket - provided the IO controller supports it. It sounds like yours does. Check with the manufacturer first before you invest cash in this though.

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Where can I find a port multiplier that doesn't take up a PCI slot? I had assumed that I'd need one of these, but I wasn't able to find one anywhere that didn't take up a PCI slot. – Varun Madiath Apr 4 '11 at 17:55… - while it takes up an expansion slot in the case it doesn't take up an actual motherboard slot. You don't have to mount it in a slot, you could remove the bracket and mount it anywhere you like. – Majenko Apr 4 '11 at 17:59

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