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Unfortunately, I dropped my laptop and cracked the back of the hinge. Now, my laptop screen often has a section become fuzzy on startup:

enter image description here

It is a bit hard to see on the image due to reflections, but I have issues in a nearly perfectly rectangular section. This fuzziness mainly occurs on startup, but after a while will completely disappear. If my laptop screen turns off for a short time, the fuzziness will normally come back, but it should be easier to get it working again than if it were off for a long time.

I know I'll have to get it serviced, but does anyone know what is actually happening? For example, why does it start working after a while?

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It's probably a hairline fracture in the circuitry. When the screen warms up the expansion of the components causes the fracture to close up. When it cools again the fracture opens up again.

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Could it be something more serious if it happens to the entirety ofmy screen? It just did tonight. I shut it down via holding down the power button then powered it back on several minutes later. The screen is clear after that. – Christopher Chipps Feb 20 '13 at 4:51

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