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Given the batch script below. How would I be able to give me a MAC address with no dashes and add a "D" in front of it? So when I go and paste, it has a MAC address that starts with a D and there are no dashes? Possibly even using what I copied to automatically change the computer name with it using newsid?


FOR /f "tokens=12 delims= " %%a IN ('IPCONFIG /all^|FINDSTR "Physical Address"') DO (
    SET PA=%%a
    IF NOT "%PA%"=="." GOTO Done


ECHO The Physical Address has been copied to the clipboard.
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I think this page has the relevant info on stripping the dashes. ..not sure about appending the D. – CreeDorofl Apr 5 '11 at 2:26

Use echo D%PA:-=%|clip instead.

Note though, that you're getting the last MAC address on your computer which could really be anything. At least on my machine that doesn't correspond to any phsyical interface.

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Thank you that worked! I only have one NIC on the machines, no wireless or virtual NICs. – Dasutin Apr 5 '11 at 10:59

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